Love In Action Outreach Ministries - 1 Corinthians 13
About Us
Love In Action Outreach Ministries, Inc. was founded by Cindy Cummings because of her personal testimony. For seven years she lived on the streets of California; staying in motels, shelters, cars and on the beach. She knows far too well what it is like to be homeless and hungry. Understanding the many needs that accompany homelessness, Love In Action Outreach Ministries, Inc. strives to meet those needs through biblical instruction and God's guidance.
Thank God for His Grace and Mercy which kept Mrs. Cummings healthy and bought her through to be a blessing to others! For years she served Thanksgiving dinner with Ms. Bea Gaddy here in Baltimore, MD. She loves giving back to the community; it fills her heart with great joy.
Since its inception, Love In Action has grown exponentially. In 2013, we provided over 3500 meals, worked with the homeless in tent cities, and underneath bridges, and provided personal and attentive care to seniors in their homes. Love In Action holds community building events throughout the year, and provides holiday traditions and amenities to those in need. We are trusting God for a location that will hold daily operations.

Love In Action would like to expand its reach to serve more members of the homeless, underprivileged and senior community. Monetary and in-kind donations help us reach our goal and provide necessities to individuals without. If you are unable to give, would you volunteer and keep us in your prayers?

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